Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) welcomes international students by offering scholarships designed to make the dream of studying in the United States more accessible and affordable. These scholarships acknowledge academic excellence and aim to foster a diverse and vibrant student community on campus. This article delves into the intricacies of FDU scholarships for international students, offering insights into eligibility criteria, benefits, available courses, and the application process to ensure you have all the information you need to apply confidently.

FDU Scholarships Overview

FDU offers international undergraduate and graduate students merit scholarships, reflecting the university’s commitment to recognizing and supporting outstanding academic achievements. These scholarships are awarded at admission and are renewable, subject to the student maintaining full-time enrollment; maintaining a strong GPA, and staying in good standing at FDU is essential.

  • Location: USA, Canada
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate, Masters, Ph.D
  • Application Deadline: July 1, 2024
  • Eligible Countries: All World Countries
  • Scholarship Type: Partially Funded

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an FDU scholarships, candidates must:

  1. International Status: Applicants must be non-U.S. residents intending to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies at FDU.
  2.  Academic Merit: Scholarships are primarily merit-based, focusing on academic achievements and test scores to determine eligibility​​.
  3.  Full-Time Enrollment: Candidates should plan to enroll full-time in their chosen program to maintain eligibility for the scholarship​​​​.
  4.  Good Academic Standing: Continued eligibility throughout the scholarship tenure depends on maintaining a good GPA and remaining in good standing with the university.
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Required Documents

Applying for an FDU scholarships does not require a separate application. The university will automatically consider students for scholarships upon submitting the FDU application and all necessary supporting documents. This efficient process guarantees that every potential scholarship recipient undergoes evaluation without needing extra paperwork.

  • FDU Application: A complete application for admission to FDU is required. The scholarship consideration is automatic upon evaluating the admission application​​.
  •  Supporting Documents: This includes: 

Academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and any additional documents required by specific programs or the admissions office.

Scholarship Benefits

FDU International Scholarships offer up to $27,000 annually for undergraduate students and between $1,000 to $10,000 annually for graduate students. The scholarships are awarded for both Fall and Spring semesters and are renewable for up to 4 years, providing significant financial relief towards tuition fees​​. In summary;

  • Undergraduate Scholarships: Up to $27,000 per year, renewable for up to four years, awarded for Fall and Spring semesters​​.
  •  Graduate Scholarships: These scholarships, which vary from $1,000 to $10,000 annually, are eligible for renewal contingent upon academic achievements and maintaining full-time enrollment status.
  •  Tuition Fee Reduction: The scholarships are applied directly towards tuition fees, reducing the financial burden on international students​​.
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Available Courses

FDU scholarships provide diverse programs spanning numerous disciplines, catering to various academic interests and career aspirations. Some of the fields include:

  • Arts and Humanities: Literature, History, Fine Arts, etc.
  •  Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, etc.
  •  Business: Finance, International Business, Marketing, Hospitality Management, etc.
  •  Engineering and Technology: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc.
  •  Health Sciences: Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, etc.
  •  Social Sciences: Psychology, Political Science, International Relations, etc.

Every program equips students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their selected field, bolstered by the expertise of FDU’s accomplished faculty and extensive resources.

How to Apply

For prospective students, the application process for FDU scholarships is intertwined with the admission process. Ensure you submit a complete FDU application for admission by the specified deadlines. There is no need for a separate scholarship application; eligibility for scholarships is considered automatically upon assessing the admission application. The critical deadlines to remember are 1 May for the Summer Semester and 1 July for the Fall Semester​​​​.

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Additional Information

For further details regarding FDU scholarships for international students, including specific application advice and support, candidates are encouraged to contact FDU directly via the provided contact details on their scholarship page. The university’s dedicated team is ready to assist with any queries you might have and provide guidance throughout the application process​​.

FDU’s scholarship program for international students is a testament to the university’s global outlook and commitment to academic excellence. By offering financial assistance to deserving students worldwide, FDU enhances its diverse community and ensures that talented individuals can pursue higher education goals without financial constraints. If you dream of studying in the USA, an FDU scholarship could be the key to unlocking your future.

For more information and to begin your application, visit FDU scholarships’ official website and explore the wealth of opportunities that await you.