8 Free Online Courses from the Prestigious University of Cambridge

Have you ever dreamt of learning from one of the world’s most recognized universities? The University of Cambridge, with its rich history and custom of academic excellence, can now be at your fingertips – for free! I repeat, for free of charge. This prestigious institution offers a range of online courses that allow you to gain valuable knowledge and skills from the comfort of your own home.

This article is your gateway to eight courses, all fully funded and perfect for international students seeking to develop their knowledge. Whether you’re a high school student, a working professional, or simply interested in a particular course, there’s something here for everyone.

Let’s tell you the intro to these exciting educational opportunities the University of Cambridge offers.

List of the free online courses from the University of Cambridge

The following are the 8 free online courses from the University of Cambridge:

#1. Digital Platforms in Performance

In today’s digital world, the capability to expose captivating stories across various media is more practical than ever. The Cambridge University Digital Platforms in Performance course equips you with the skills to become a proficient storyteller in the digital age. Learn how to prepare engaging scripts for:

  • video games
  • develop captivating content for your YouTube channel
  • And analyze the nuances of digital storytelling.


  • 1 month (8-10) hours per week
  • Ends: September 14, 2024

#2. CISL

Effective communication is a cornerstone of success in any specialization. This “CISL” course focuses on sharpening your compelling communication skills. You’ll learn to craft persuasive arguments, inspire others, and create a positive and everlasting impact. This course is a perfect starting point if you aim to become a leader or improve your interpersonal skills.

  • Course Duration: 8 – 10 weeks
  • Starts: July 10, 2024
  • Enroll: July 16, 2024
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#3. The Neuropsychology of Decision-Making

Have you ever wondered what happens in your brain when you decide? This introductory course analyzes the glamorous world of decision-making through a neuropsychological lens. Dive deep into the detailed relationship between the brain and our choices. The course also delves into important topics like neuroanatomy, providing a solid foundation for understanding the fascinating world of human behavior.

  • Course Duration: 1 month 2 weeks (3–5) hours per week
  • Starts: May 07, 2024 and June 17, 2024 respectively
  • Ends June 09, 2024, and December 22, 2024, respectively

#4. Financial Accounting and Capital Markets

Understanding financial concepts like accounting and capital markets is important for navigating the economic world. This course delves deep into the importance of bearable cash flows and corporate accounting approaches. Learn about the differences between debt and equity financing and gain valuable insights into businesses’ operations.

Duration: 1 month 1 week (3–5 hours) per week

#5. Building stakeholder value

Building successful and sustainable businesses hinges on developing predictable profits. This course equips you with the knowledge to analyze and understand a company’s financial health. Learn about key concepts like internal rate of return and discounted cash flow analysis (DCF), certifying you to evaluate business performance and make informed decisions.

  • Course Duration: 1 month 1 week (3–5) hours per week
  • Starts: May 07, 2024
  • Ends: September 14, 2024

6. Introduction to Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology

Ever wondered how we think, learn, and perceive the world around us? This introductory course delves into the fascinating world of human cognition. Learn about the history of psychology as a distinct discipline and explore various areas within this dynamic field.

#7. The Psychology of Emotions

Emotions play a significant role in our lives and shape our transactions with the world. This introductory course analyzes the passionate realm of cognitive psychology, focusing on emotions. You’ll delve into the science behind emotion perception and how we understand the feelings of others.

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#8. Fundamentals of Finance

Building a solid foundation in finance is essential for making informed personal and professional decisions. This course provides a comprehensive and engaging introduction to key financial concepts. Learn about budgeting, investing, risk management, and more, all through real-world case studies, expert interviews, and interactive assessments.

Benefits of Taking Free Online Courses from Cambridge University

These free online courses from Cambridge University offer a multitude of benefits for international students:

  • Gain Valuable Knowledge from a Top University: Learn from world-renowned faculty and access high-quality educational content.
  • Expand Your Knowledge: Explore new topics and areas of interest, enhancing your knowledge base.
  • Boost Your Skills: Develop practical skills that can be applied in your academic or professional endeavors.
  • Enhance Your Resume: Showcase your commitment to everlasting learning and highlight these courses on your resume or college applications.
  • Flexible Learning:  Enjoy the convenience of online learning – study at your own pace and schedule from anywhere in the world.
  • Free and Accessible:  These courses are entirely free to enroll in, making education from a prestigious university accessible to everyone.

Getting Started with Your Free Online Courses

Ready to start your learning journey with Cambridge University? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit the University of Cambridge Online Learning Website. Alternatively, click on each course discussed here to get started.
  • Browse the Course Catalog:  Each platform will likely have a course catalog where you can explore the available courses and find the ones that interest you. Use filters and search functions to narrow your options based on subject area, skill level, and duration.
  • Check Eligibility Requirements: Some courses may have specific prerequisites or require creating a free account on the platform before enrolling.
  • Enroll in Your Chosen Courses: Once you’ve found the perfect courses, follow the platform’s instructions to enroll. Typically, this involves creating an account (if needed) and clicking the “Enroll” button.
  • Start Learning! Congratulations! You’re now ready to begin your exploration of knowledge with Cambridge University. Most online courses offer flexible learning schedules, so pace yourself and enjoy the learning process.
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Additional Tips for Success

  • Set Realistic Goals:  Start with one or two courses at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself.
  • Create a Dedicated Learning Schedule:  Block out dedicated time in your week to focus on your coursework. Consistency is critical to successful learning.
  • Utilize Course Resources: Many online courses offer additional resources like readings, quizzes, discussion forums, and video lectures. Take advantage of these materials to deepen your understanding.
  • Stay Engaged: Participate in online discussions, ask questions, and connect with other learners for a more enriching experience.
  • Celebrate Your Achievements: Completing an online course is a significant accomplishment. Take the time to acknowledge your hard work and newfound knowledge.

Free online courses from the University of Cambridge offer an amazing opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills from a world-renowned institution. Whether you’re looking to improve your resume, explore new interests, or simply for the pleasure of learning, these courses provide a flexible and accessible way to academic enrichment.

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Also, note that all the courses are free but if you need a certificate, you will pay for it. So, take the first step today and embark on your exciting learning journey with Cambridge University! Good luck!