Imagine yourself thriving in a vibrant academic environment surrounded by diverse and inspiring individuals. This exceptional learning experience could be your reality. The Goldsmiths Scholarship program exists to open doors for inspiring individuals like you.

The Goldsmiths University of London Scholarship is not just a financial aid program; it’s a door to a transformative academic journey in London.

Goldsmiths University recognizes refugees and asylum seekers’ spacious challenges in pursuing higher education. School disruptions, language barriers, and financial limitations can create significant obstacles. The Goldsmiths scholarship program aims to bridge this gap, offering financial support to help students integrate into the academic community.

Goldsmiths is renowned for its dedication to making a friendly, inclusive space for all students. As a student, you’ll have access to a variety of resources and opportunities, including:

  • Supportive Faculty:  Renowned academics with an international perspective are committed to guiding and encouraging students.
  • World-Class Facilities:  Modern libraries, innovative research centers, and dedicated study spaces provide you with academic success.
  • Thriving Student Societies:  Engage with various student societies, clubs, and activities, fostering a sense of belonging and cultural exchange.
  • London – Your Global Classroom:  Immerse yourself in London’s dynamic and multicultural city.

Benefits of the Scholarship

The scholarship provides a complete support package, including:

  • Generous Financial Support:  A considerable allowance of £8,825 per year, alongside a full tuition fee waiver, significantly reduces the financial limitation of your studies. Focus on your academics without worrying about tuition costs or living expenses.
  • Accommodation Assistance:  The scholarship offers housing in a single study bedroom within Goldsmiths Halls of Residence (up to £200 per week). This eliminates the stress of finding suitable accommodation, allowing you to settle comfortably in London.
  • Dedicated Support Services:  Goldsmiths offers various support services specifically designed for international students, including refugees and asylum seekers. These services can assist with academic guidance, language support, and cultural integration, helping you confidently navigate your studies and student life.
  • Mentorship Program:  The Goldsmiths Student Union offers a mentorship program for refugee and asylum seeker students. This program pairs you with a current student who can provide guidance and support throughout your academic journey.
  • Social Events and Activities:  The Student Union organizes various social events and activities throughout the year, providing a platform to connect with fellow students, build friendships, and participate in a vibrant campus life.
  • Careers Service:  The Goldsmiths Careers Service provides personalized support to help scholars develop their career goals, prepare for job applications, and build valuable employability skills.
  • Life in London for Students 
    • Cost of Living:  London can be expensive, but there are ways to manage your budget. Consider student discounts and affordable housing options, and explore free cultural activities and attractions.
    • Transportation:  London boasts an extensive and efficient public transportation network, making navigating the city and exploring different neighborhoods easy.
    • Cultural Experiences:  From world-renowned museums and historical landmarks to vibrant street markets and diverse cuisine, London offers many cultural experiences to enrich your student life.
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Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process

  • Refugee Status or Active Asylum Application: This scholarship is dedicated to supporting individuals who have either refugee status in the UK or are actively seeking asylum. Documentation to verify your status is required.
  • Academic Credentials:  You must hold an offer of study for an undergraduate or taught postgraduate program at Goldsmiths University. Demonstrate your academic potential and commitment to your chosen field.
  • Eligibility to Study in the UK:  Ensure you meet all requirements for studying in the UK. Being on an Immigration Bail with no restrictions on studying is crucial.
  • Ukrainian Applicants Seeking Refuge:  If you’re a Ukrainian applicant seeking refuge under the UK Home Office’s special arrangements, your application for this scholarship will be considered.
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The selection process is competitive but prioritizes academic merit and personal circumstances. While meeting the initial requirements is essential, it doesn’t guarantee selection. Shortlisted applicants will have their applications reviewed by a dedicated selection panel. This panel focuses on your academic record and the responses you provide in the application form, emphasizing the content and relevance of your answers rather than your writing style.

Important Dates:

  • Application Opens: February 20, 2024
  • Application Deadline: May 24, 2024

How to Apply for the Scholarship

Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass you by! Here’s how to embark on your journey toward academic success at Goldsmiths University:

  1. Gather Required Documents: Ensure you have all your documents before starting your application. This includes proof of your refugee status/asylum application, your academic offer from Goldsmiths University, and any other documentation required per the scholarship regulations.
  2. Visit the Scholarship Webpage:  Mark your calendar for February 20, 2024! This is when the application form for the Goldsmiths Scholarship program becomes available online on the university’s scholarship webpage.
  3. Complete the Application Form:  Carefully review the application form and instructions to ensure you provide all the required information accurately and comprehensively. Highlight your academic achievements, relevant skills, and motivations for pursuing your chosen program at Goldsmiths.
  4. Meet the Deadline:  Applications close on May 24, 2024 (British Summer Time). Don’t delay! Stand out from the crowd! Submit your application early for the best chance of consideration.
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This is your chance to be part of something bigger. Take advantage of the deadline! Apply for the Goldsmiths University of London Scholarship today and take the first step towards a brighter future.