Are you an international student dreaming of studying in Saudi Arabia? Look no further! Saudi Arabia offers a unique cultural and academic experience, with top-ranked universities, state-of-the-art facilities, and a rich cultural heritage. 

By studying in Saudi Arabia, you’ll gain a world-class education, immerse yourself in a vibrant culture, make lifelong connections, and enhance your career prospects.

Saudi Arabia’s higher education system is rapidly growing, focusing on innovation, research, and internationalization. The country has invested heavily in its education sector, with various scholarship programs available to international students. 

The Study in Saudi Arabia Scholarship is one such program offering fully-funded scholarships to talented students worldwide. Whether you’re interested in science, engineering, humanities, or social sciences, Saudi Arabia’s universities have many programs to suit your interests and career goals.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the required documents and benefits of the Study in Saudi Arabia Scholarship. We’ll also provide actionable tips and advice to help you navigate the application process and maximize your study experience in Saudi Arabia.

Benefits of Studying in Saudi Arabia

Do you want to know the benefits of getting a scholarship to a Saudi Arabian university? By studying in Saudi, you will earn some benefits. Here are some benefits of the scholarship:

  • Cultural Immersion: Experience the rich Saudi culture, history, and traditions.
  • Academic Excellence: Study at top-ranked universities with state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Language Skills: Improve your Arabic language skills and enhance your career prospects.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: Fully-funded scholarships cover tuition, living expenses, transportation, monthly allowances, and more.
  • Networking: Connect with international students and professionals, expanding your global network.

Essential Documents Required to Study in Saudi Arabia and How to Get Them

To be eligible for a Saudi Arabia scholarship, there are some documents you need to have with you to get you started. All those documents are to be uploaded on the portal by each applicant. Applicants need to provide the following documents:

  • High School Diploma: A certified copy of your high school diploma or equivalent, which shows your academic achievement and completion of secondary education.
  • Grade Transcript: An official transcript showing your academic performance, including grades and subjects studied, to demonstrate your academic ability.
  • Passport: A valid passport with at least six months’ validity proves your identity and nationality.
  • Parent’s ID Cards: Copies of your parents’ ID cards or passports verify your relationship and provide additional identification.
  • Passport-sized Photo (6×4): A recent passport-sized photo will be used for identification purposes.
  • Vaccination Cards: A record of your vaccination history ensures you have received the necessary vaccinations and are eligible to study in Saudi Arabia.
  • Medical Report with Translation: A medical report from a licensed hospital or clinic, translated into Arabic or English, confirms your physical and mental fitness to study.
  • Birth Certificate with Translation: A certified copy of your birth certificate, translated into Arabic or English, verifies your age and identity.
  • Certificate of Good Conduct with Translation: A certificate from your local police station or authorities, translated into Arabic or English, confirms your good behavior and character.
  • Police Clearance Certificate with Translation: A police clearance certificate, translated into Arabic or English, not exceeding six months, which ensures you have no criminal record.
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Optional Additional Documents

Apart from the required documents above, applicants are urged to provide the other documents as well if there are any with you. These Saudi scholarships are very competitive because it’s open to all nations with full coverage. If any of the following documents is also available, the applicant can submit it:

  • Certificate of Proficiency in Arabic or English Language: A certificate showing your language proficiency demonstrates your ability to communicate effectively.
  • Certificate of Quran Memorization: A certificate showing your Quran memorization skills highlights your religious knowledge and commitment.
  • Certificate of Scientific Courses: A certificate showing your completion of scientific courses showcasing your scientific knowledge and skills.
  • Certificate of Lectures: A certificate showing your attendance and completion of lectures, which verifies your academic engagement.
  • Certificate of Memorization of Scientific Texts: A certificate showing your memorization of scientific texts demonstrates your academic achievement.
  • National ID Card: A copy of your national ID card serves as additional identification.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): An updated CV highlighting your academic and professional achievements showcasing your skills and experience.
  • Any other available certificate: Any additional certificates or achievements demonstrating your academic and personal excellence.
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How to Get the Documents

If you don’t have the required documents yet, you still have some months left to gather them for application. Once they are all available within the specified period, you can still use them to apply. Do you want to learn how to get all those documents? Let me quickly show you tips on how to get them below:

  • Contact your school or university: Request your high school diploma, grade transcript, and any other academic documents from your school or university.
  • Visit your local authorities: Obtain a police clearance certificate, certificate of good conduct, and any other required documents from your local authorities.
  • Get a medical check-up: Visit a licensed hospital or clinic for a medical report.
  • Translate your documents into Arabic or English, if necessary, to ensure the university accepts them.
  • Get a passport-sized photo: Take a recent passport-sized photo for identification purposes.
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Application Process

Are you ready to apply to study in Saudi Arabia? Are you eligible for the scholarship? Do you have all the necessary documents? If yes, follow the below application process:

  • Choose Your University: Select from the list of universities on the Study in Saudi Arabia portal.
  • Submit Your Application: Upload the required documents and submit your application.
  • Wait for Admission: Receive your admission letter and scholarship offer (if applicable).
  • Apply for a Visa: Obtain a student visa from the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate.

Actionable Tips and Advice

  • Start Early: Apply at least six months before the semester begins to ensure timely processing.
  • Check Eligibility: Ensure you meet the scholarship and program requirements to avoid disappointment.
  • Prepare Documents: Gather and translate documents (if necessary) to avoid last-minute rush.
  • Practice Your Arabic: Improve your language skills before arriving in Saudi Arabia to enhance your experience.


Studying in Saudi Arabia offers a unique cultural and academic experience. By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to securing a scholarship and embarking on an unforgettable journey. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – apply now and join the vibrant community of international students in Saudi Arabia!

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