Taibah University Scholarships for international students are open through the university’s portal. This opening follows the announcement of the Deanship of Admission and Registration at the University of Taibah, Madinah. It is one of the Saudi universities that offers fully-funded scholarships.

Taibah University scholarship is the academic seat open to non-Saudi students (male or female) who lives outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It offers scholarships to students who show interest in studying at the university on a regular basis.

The Taibah University electronic portal for the bachelor’s degree program is open to accept the scholarship application form from non-Saudi students who are eligible. It receives the application form from now to a non-disclosed date. Hence, it might stop any moment from now.

About the Scholarships – Brief Description

Scholarship CountryKingdom of Saudi Arabia
Scholarship Host/UniversityTaibah University, Madinah
Taibah University AddressFGPR+CVM، Janadah Bin Umayyah Road، Taibah, Madinah 42353, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Degree Level(s)Undergraduate
Eligible CountriesAll Countries (Internal and External Students)
Fund TypeFully Funded
Application DeadlineOngoing

Taibah University is a university in Madinah accepting international students who wish to pursue their academic degree in any of the degree levels (Undergraduate, master, or Ph.D.). However, its currently accepting international students who wish to apply for the undergraduate degree level.

Taibah University Rankings

Taibah University is one of the best public universities in the country, its region, and the world at large. The ranking of any university is based on some criteria such as:

  • academic and employer reputation
  • faculty study and international faculty ratio
  • International research network and international students ration
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With all the aforementioned criteria for university ranking, Taibah University ranks #70 – 80 in the Arab Regions Ranking while finding itself within #1001 – 1200 in QS World University Rankings.

Eligibility Criteria for the Taibah University Scholarships 2022-2023

Below are the eligibility criteria for the Taibah University Scholarships 2022-2023:

  • The applicant for the Taibah University scholarship must have nothing less than a high school certificate or its equivalent.
  • The applicant’s age at the undergraduate level must not be less than seventeen (17) years and a maximum of twenty-five (25) years.
  • The applicant must be medically okay physically and mentally
  • Any applicant who has obtained another scholarship from an educational institution in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom won’t consider for the scholarship
  • The Saudi embassy must authenticate the applicant’s certificates with his/her identification papers. However, if there is no Saudi embassy in their country, he is allowed to authenticate the documents at the nearest Saudi embassy adjacent to the applicant’s country
  • The applicant must not be formally dismissed from any educational institution within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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Documents Requirement

The required documents for the submission of the Taibah University scholarship application electronically for non-Saudi students include the following:

  • A copy of the high school certificate or equivalent
  • A copy of the Arabic translation of the certificate as well as the attestation of it by the Saudi embassy in the applicant country or nearby country (in case it’s not in Arabic format).
  • A copy of a valid international passport (with a validity period of a minimum of six months)
  • A copy of a recent colored passport photograph (4cm x 6 cm)

Important notices for scholarship students

  • You can visit here for the admission guides, such as requirements, the available courses, and majors.
  • The applicant should abide by the rules and regulations of the university
  • The applicant must familiar with the Arabic language.
  • The applicant should ensure he uses the correct details (contact numbers and email address) during the registration
  • The university will check the validity of the applicant’s Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Sending an application successfully through the electronic portal of the Taibah University Scholarship does not guarantee the acceptance of the student.
  • The provided details of the applicant through the electronic enrollment portal are not sufficient except with the attachment of the documents for backup.
  • Taibah University reserve the right to choose the college as well as a suitable major for her successfully accepted students. The student must also confirm this and their desire to study prior to his arrival
  • The student might require a personal interview with the authority in charge through video.
  • The applicant must ensure he accesses the electronic admission file constantly for follow-up on his admission status
  • The successful student must resume with the original documents with the Saudi embassy attestation in his country or nearby Saudi embassy if not available in his country
  • The original (equivalency certificate) of the general high school certificate must be brought from the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • In case the provided information the applicant is incorrect, the applicant’s nomination might be terminated.
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Note that applying for this program is only open to non-Saudis who live outside the Kingdom of Saudi. Also, if you’re eligible for the above criteria and agree to the Taibah University Scholarships’ terms and conditions, you can apply now.

How to Apply for Taibah University Scholarship?

Do you have an interest in the undergraduate program of Taibah University through her scholarships? Are you a non-Saudi who lives outside the Saudi kingdom? Apply for the scholarship of Taibah University in Madinah now as it continues receiving bachelor’s degree applications.

You can also watch the below short clip to make the Taibah University scholarship application simple if you don’t know how to apply.

Apply Now

If there are any inquiries, kindly contact us or drop a comment using the below box. We wish you all the best of luck!