The Deanship of Human Resources at Majmaah University, represented by the General Administration of Human Resources, announces its need to fill a number of academic positions at the rank of (demonstrator) on the contracting system. It’s open for those wishing to fill these positions through the employment portal.

The application to the academic jobs at the university starts as of 16/05/1443 AH corresponding to 20/12/2021 AD until the date of 21/05/1443 AH corresponding to 25/12/2021 AD, according to the attached conditions and specialisations.

You can be one of the beneficiaries of the opportunity by applying through the portal of Majmaah Job application. Check the below eligibility criteria, appointment priorities, required documents and others.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should be a Saudi national
  • The applicant should have a regular bachelor’s/master’s degree from a Saudi university or a recognized university.
  • The grade should not be less than very good at the bachelor’s / master’s level.
  • The applicant’s age at the time of application should not exceed 29 years for a bachelor’s holders and 34 years for a master’s holders.
  • For those who hold a master’s degree, the master’s specialisation should be an extension of the bachelor’s specialisation.
  • A minimum score of 78% must be obtained in the general aptitude test for university students, and for applicants to faculties of medicine, dentistry) the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties test must be passed
  • Performing one of the standard tests in measuring the applicant’s level of English language.
  • Passing personal interviews and written tests.
  • The conditions and standards set by the College Council.
  • For the corresponding majors offered in more than one college, the comparison will be central after completing the initial screening by the colleges.
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Appointment Priorities

Appointment priorities are as follows:
1- Those who started studying a doctorate in accordance with the university’s regulations regarding scholarships.
2- Holders of a master’s degree from a university that complies with the university’s scholarship regulations.
3- Those who started studying for a master’s degree in accordance with the university’s regulations regarding scholarships.
4- Those who have been accepted to study for a master’s degree in accordance with the university’s scholarship regulations.

Required Documents

  • A copy of the national identity card or the family record for women in the absence of a national identity card.
  • A certified copy of all academic qualifications.
  • Equivalency of the qualification if it is from a university outside the Kingdom.
  • A copy of the academic record for all qualifications.
  • The applicant’s result in one of the standard English language tests (- STEP – IELTS-TOEFL).
  • A copy of the result of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties test (for applicants to the College of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing Department, College of Applied Medical Sciences).
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Submission Deadline and How To Apply

Submission is now available. It started today, Monday, 16/05/1443 A.H, corresponding to December 20, 2021, and the submission ends on Saturday, 21/05/1443 A.H, corresponding to December 25, 2021. Do you want to apply for this job opportunity? You can apply through here. We wish you all the best of luck.

Apply Now

You can contact the Deanship of Human Resources through this email: [email protected] for further inquiries.