The Hansen Leadership Institute Scholarships offer an unparalleled opportunity for U.S. and international students to engage in a fully-funded leadership program in San Diego, California. This initiative, driven by the vision of Fred J. Hansen, aims to foster world peace and international cooperation by nurturing a new generation of ethical and effective leaders.

Scholarship Overview

The Hansen Leadership Institute Scholarship program actively designs a platform to unite future global leaders, emphasizing the development of principles, practices, and the psychology necessary for visionary leadership. The Hansen Leadership Institute emphasizes academic learning and hands-on workshops, field trips, and the development of practical skills in conflict resolution, intercultural dialogue, and public speaking. Participants will become part of a vibrant community, forming lifelong international friendships and networks that transcend borders​​​​​​.

  • Location: US
  • Host Institution: University of San Diego
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate, Master
  • Scholarship Type: Fully Funded
  • Eligible Nations: US citizens, International Students
  • Application Deadline: January 15, 2024 (for international students) and March 15, 2024 (for U.S. students​​​​)
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Eligibility Criteria for the Hansen Leadership Institute Scholarship

For International Applicants:

  1. Educational Requirement: Students in undergraduate or graduate programs must have completed a minimum of two years of post-secondary education.
  2.  Field of Interest: Applicants should have a professional interest in international relations, diplomacy, international economic development, or related areas.
  3.  Age Requirement: Must be between 20-25 at the program’s start date.
  4.  Leadership Experience: Leadership activities outside the classroom are crucial; selection does not focus on CGPA.
  5.  Recommendation Letter: A recommendation letter from the Academic Advisor is mandatory.
  6.  Passport: Must possess a valid international passport.
  7.  Previous U.S. Visit: The program prioritizes applicants who have never visited the United States.

For U.S. Students:

  1. Institutional Enrollment: Open to students from any U.S. university.
  2.  Educational Stage: Applicants should be undergraduate or graduate students with at least two years of college/university education.
  3.  Professional Interest: Must have a professional interest in international relations, diplomacy, international economic development, or similar fields.
  4.  Age Range: Candidates must be between 20 and 25 at the program’s start​​.
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The application process requires all candidates to actively participate in community or public service outside their academic endeavors. Additionally, they must secure and submit a recommendation letter from such an organization or group as a critical application component.

Required Documents for the Hansen Leadership Institute Scholarship

  • A letter of reference from a community service or public service organization.
  •  Academic transcripts and a letter verifying English proficiency (for non-U.S. students).
  •  A valid international passport and U.S. visa (if required).

For those interested in applying, the Hansen Leadership Institute requires completing an online application through their portal. The committee will review applications only after receiving all the necessary documentation. International students have until January 15, 2024, to submit their applications, while U.S. students have until March 15, 2024​​​​​​.

Scholarship Benefits

The Hansen Leadership Institute Scholarships covers all costs associated with the program, including international airfare, room and board, and all programmatic costs, such as local tours. Additionally, the program offers a unique platform for personal growth, leadership development, and global networking, making it an invaluable experience for the participants​​​​​​.

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How to Apply for the Hansen Leadership Institute Scholarship

Applicants must submit their applications through the Hansen Leadership Institute’s online portal. The application involves filling out forms and providing all the required documents, including transcripts and letters of recommendation. The selection committee will review complete applications only after receiving all the necessary materials​​​​.

The application deadlines are January 15, 2024, for international students and March 15, 2024, for U.S. students​​​​.

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This scholarship is a stepping stone for young leaders eager to make a difference globally. For more detailed information on the application process, eligibility criteria, and benefits, prospective applicants should visit the Hansen Leadership Institute and Opportunity Desk websites.

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All the best to you!