In a globalized world where the Arabic language is the bridge connecting wonderful cultures, histories, and knowledge, King Khalid University proudly brings you the Linguistic Preparation Online Program. The Department of Literature Section, in the College of Education, is located in the gorgeous city of Abha, the city of traditional and modern learning paradigms. Based in:

Program Overview

  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • City: Abha City
  • Host University: King Khalid University
  • College: College of Education – Literature
  • Program Duration: 12 Months
  • Target: Arabic Language Students for Non-Native Speakers
  • Application Deadline: May 25, 2024

On the 1st of July 2024, and for a duration of 12 months, the King Khalid University, promises you a full-fledged Arabic language journey. And on the 20th of June, 2025, you would not only be linguistically enriched but culturally immersed as well. This program is part of our Arabic language learning development program, as it will acquaint you with the set of skills, knowledge, and practices that will fundamentally shape and equip you with the rigor to master the Arabic language.

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The main theme of the specification is comprised of several subjects from the sphere of the Arabic language, thereby powering the proposed students with the advanced level of learning the Arabic language. And, leading to hands-on experience, our specialists will make you ready for preparation through a series of practical training activities. Thus, this will enable you to learn the Arabic language through a holistic approach, shaping your academic and work life accordingly.

King Khalid University offers a blended approach to learning by integrating theoretical knowledge with hands-on and practical training. The program is designed to include face-to-face classes at the university and various online learning platforms. The content of these platforms entails a wide range of lectures on how to teach the Arabic language, workshops, and actual teaching experience in schools. This arrangement provides multiple modes of learning for the participants to ensure that each person is comfortable and can learn at his convenience.

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Target Audience

This program is intended for Arabic language students who are second/foreign language learners. Therefore, the ideal participants of this intervention must be foreigners or non-native Arabic speakers.

Admission and Acceptance Criteria

Applications to join any of the King Khalid University programs are open to the public via the university’s online registration portal for international students. After rigorous checks and confirmation that the applicant has submitted the right documents, the candidate will be nominated and requested to pay various fees to confirm his or her position at the university.

One of the most crucial conditions that the candidates have to meet is passing the specific test that the university administers to assess the level of a person’s Arabic language proficiency. Again, the successful candidates’ system uploads the newcomers’ information to the Ministry’s platform for international students only if it’s successful.

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Location and Learning Environment

The King Khalid University program is offered at the King Khalid University, located in Abha City. Notably, Abha City is one of Saudi Arabia’s most serene and beautiful locations, which offers tranquil learning and intellectual growth environments suitable for individuals in a special language intervention.

APPLY NOW: How to Apply for the King Khalid University Linguistic Preparation Online Program

Combining rigorous academic study and practical, hands-on experience, participants of the program will be able to speak Arabic at an advanced level. Please click the “ apply ” button to apply for this program.

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The King Khalid University Linguistic Preparation Online Program is more than just an educational course; it is a bridge to understanding and engaging with the Arabic-speaking world.