Saudi Electronic University (SEU) is a distinguished public university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, embodying the merger of technology with education. Located in the capital city of Riyadh, Saudi Electronic University specializes in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Electronic Learning, and integrated education. It plays a pivotal role in advancing the economy and fostering a knowledgeable society in Saudi Arabia, while also extending its civilizational messages globally.

Saudi Electronic University is committed to offering a variety of quality programs that emphasize continuous and lifelong learning. With 11 branches spanning most regions of the Kingdom, SEU ensures accessibility and inclusivity in its educational offerings.

A landmark event in the history of Saudi Electronic University occurred in July 2020, when the Minister of Education in Saudi Arabia appointed Dr. Lilac AlSafadi as the first female president of SEU, signifying progressive strides in gender equality in educational leadership within the kingdom.

CountrySaudi Arabia
HostSaudi Electronic University (SEU)
Scholarship TypeFully Funded
Degree LevelMaster Degree
Application DeadlineOngoing
Eligible NationalitiesInternational Students, Saudi Residents

Admission Eligibilities for the Saudi Electronic University Scholarships

The Saudi Electronic University scholarship has specific eligibility criteria, including:

  • Provide the result of one of the approved language tests, (IELTS_Academic only) or (STEP), provided the test result is obtained within two years from the date of submission.
  • A bachelor’s degree must have a good cumulative average (two out of four or three out of five).
  • An undergraduate degree from an accredited university. In the case of foreign certificates, they must be equivalenced according to the Ministry of Education’s equivalency program.
  • If not Saudi, the applicant should hold an official scholarship for graduate studies or be the son of a Saudi woman.
  • Obtain an approval letter from the applicant if the applicant is an employee.
  • The applicant is required to submit two scientific recommendations from professors who have taught him or her.
  • The Ministry of Education will exempt those with a bachelor’s degree from countries where English is the mother tongue.
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Application Processing for Saudi Electronic University Scholarship

The admission process at Saudi Electronic University involves several key steps:

  • An important part of the admissions process is revising the timetable; to know the start and end dates of the application process, the date of announcement, and the final date for admissions results.
  • Complete the admissions application and upload all necessary documents.
  • The application link requires information to be filled out.
  • You can find out which majors the university offers and what the admission requirements are on the admission portal on the university’s website.
  • After the acceptance result is announced, the applicant accesses the admission portal, reviews the outcome, and completes the necessary steps to confirm acceptance (paying fees, uploading required documentation (if applicable).
  • The admission process will now be competitive, based both on the announced admission criteria and the availability of seats, as of the end of the electronic application deadline.
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Required Documents

  • If the qualification was obtained outside of the Kingdom, a copy of the Ministry of Higher Education’s certificate of equivalency is required.
  • Your academic record must be certified (mandatory)
  • A certified copy of the Bachelor’s degree (obligatory)
  • A copy of the original English language proficiency test (ILETS_Academic only) or mandatory English language proficiency test (STEP) result
  • For non-Saudi students with Saudi mothers, a copy of the mother’s national identity card is required.
  • Saudi students must provide a copy of their civil status card or a copy of a valid residence permit (required)
  • For employees (and for whom identification is not acceptable): A letter of approval from the employer is required
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
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How To Apply for the Scholarship

Interested individuals in Saudi Electronic University Master’s degree programs can apply up to the application deadline date. For more information on how to apply for Saudi Electronic University scholarships, please visit the official SEU website. For more info, you can visit here.

Apply Now

For assistance in the registration process, you can contact SEU’s support services, noting that this service may incur a charge.

We extend our best wishes to all applicants in their pursuit of educational advancement through the Saudi Electronic University scholarship program!”