Calling all talented individuals! Are you passionate about contributing to the growth and development of Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure and facilities? Do you have the skills and experience to excel in a vibrant, fast-paced environment? Saudi Services Company Limited (SSCL) might be the perfect platform to establish your rewarding career with job opportunities!

Established in 1988, SSCL has become a recognized superior in Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) within the Kingdom. With a commitment to excellence, they provide a comprehensive portfolio of services, ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of various facilities across different sectors.

SSCL proudly announces exciting job opportunities across their projects in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Makkah. They’re seeking skilled individuals to join their team and contribute to their ongoing success. Whether you excel in engineering, possess technical expertise, or have a passion for landscaping and security, SSCL offers diverse positions to match your skills and aspirations.

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It welcomes applications from both Saudi nationals and qualified non-Saudis. Non-Saudi applicants are offered sponsorship transfers to facilitate their work visa and residency in the Kingdom.

Explore Your Career Path with SSCL

Engineering Positions

  • Performance Evaluation Engineer: Analyze and optimize the operational efficiency of facilities, ensuring peak performance.
  • Agricultural Engineer: Manage the maintenance and evolution of landscaping projects, horticulture, and irrigation.
  • Building Management System Engineer: Contribute to the smooth operation of building management systems, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and comfort within facilities.

Technical Positions

  • Control Center Operator: Play a vital role in monitoring and managing facilities from a central hub, ensuring swift response to potential issues.
  • Data Entry Clerk: Contribute to the accuracy and efficiency of data management systems, maintaining detailed records and reports.
  • Performance Evaluation Coordinator: Assist in evaluating facility performance metrics, identifying areas for improvement, and supporting continuous optimization.
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These are just a few examples of the exciting opportunities available at SSCL. They offer various technical positions, including pest control technicians, irrigation technicians, landscaping workers, and specialists in audio-visual, telephones, and carpentry.

Why Choose a Career with SSCL?

Outside the job roles, SSCL offers various benefits for its employees:

  • Growth and Development: SSCL supports its employees by providing opportunities for professional development and skill enhancement through training programs and workshops.
  • Competitive Salary and Benefits Package: You’ll enjoy a competitive salary package and benefits such as health insurance and paid time off.
  • Stimulating Work Environment: Work alongside a dynamic and professional team, teaming on projects contributing to the Kingdom’s growth.
  • Stability and Security: Build a secure and rewarding career path with a leading company in the facilities management industry.
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Ready to Take the Next Step?

Suppose you’re seeking a challenging and rewarding career opportunity in a dynamic and growing industry. In that case, SSCL is the place for you! They offer at least five years of experience as a requirement for most positions, so seasoned professionals ready to leverage their expertise are highly encouraged to apply. Furthermore, proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and a valid driver’s license are essential qualifications.

Don’t Wait – Apply Today!

Applications are open now! Head to the application button to submit your application and take the first step towards an exciting future with SSCL.

Apply Now

Embrace the opportunity to contribute to Saudi Arabia’s development, refine your skills, and build a rewarding career with a leading company in facilities management. Apply now and join the dynamic team at SSCL!