Admission to postgraduate programs in Ummul Qura University is now opened (with tuition fees, and without tuition fees) for the Higher Diploma, Master’s, and Doctoral levels, for the academic year 1444 AH.

The admission portal is fully-opened as of Wednesday 15/7/1443 AH (16/02/2022 AD). The application could be requested from the opening date till the deadline date of the admission which is, Thursday 30/07/1443 AH (03/03/2022 AD).

Those wishing to enrol in postgraduate studies at the university must know and abide by the admission requirements stipulated in the unified regulations for postgraduate studies in Saudi universities, and its organizational and executive rules at Umm Al-Qura University.

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About the Scholarship – Brief Description

LocationSaudi Arabia
HostUmmul Qura University
Fund TypeFully Funded, & With Tuition
Eligible Nation(s)Saudi Nationals, and International Students
Starting DateFebruary 16, 2022
Application ModeOnline via Portal

General Eligibility Criteria for the Admission

Below are the general conditions required for the Ummul Qura University postgraduate admission request:

The applicant must:

  • be a Saudi or on an official scholarship for postgraduate studies if he is a non-Saudi
  • have a university degree from any Saudi university or from another well-recognized university outside the Kingdom
  • For admission to the “Master’s” stage, the applicant must obtain at least a “very good” grade at the undergraduate level, and for admission to the “PhD” stage, it is required to obtain at least a “very good” grade at the master’s level. At least a ‘good’ grade at the undergraduate level
  • be of good conduct and behaviour and medically fit
  • submit two scientific recommendations from professors who have taught him previously
  • tender the approval of his reference to study if he is an employee
  • submit a letter with the approval of the authorized person for full-time employees of PhD applicants, if the program is offered in the morning shift.
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Special Admission Requirements

  1. 1. The suitability of the applicant’s specialization to the specializations to which he is applying.
  2. 2. Fulfillment of the requirement to test the abilities of university graduates ( and its validity period is 5 years) , as follows:
  • A minimum score of 65 to apply for higher diploma programmes.
  • A minimum score of 70 to apply for master’s programs.
  • A minimum score of 75 to apply for doctoral programmes.
  1. 3. Pass the admission test or/and the interview decided by the relevant department.
  2. 4. To obtain the minimum required score in the TOEFL English test in one of its three types: CBT, IBT, or PBT with the validity period of two years, or its equivalent in IELTS test with the validity period of two years for programs that require this.
  3. 5. Fulfill all other conditions set by the colleges.
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